My Plan

Susan Hall signing her Plan for London

Sadiq Khan won't listen. But I am listening. And my plan is written by you.

This election is our chance to get a grip on crime, build more affordable homes and scrap the ULEZ expansion on day one. 

Sadiq Khan has already been running London for 8 years. 8 years of Sadiq Khan blaming anyone and everyone for the problems. 

What’s the result? Knife crime up 54%. Sexual offences up 53%. Struggling families could now have to pay £380 a month to drive.   

If Sadiq Khan wins again, we will have had 12 years of no action.  London can’t afford to throw away another 4 years of doing nothing.  

London needs a new Mayor who will act.

My Five Point Plan 

1. Get a grip on crime. Make our streets safe.

Knife crime is up 54%. Sexual offences are up 53%. Robberies are up 49%. After 8 years of Sadiq Khan being in charge, London no longer feels safe.  

We desperately need to reform the police and get them back on the beat solving crimes. 

You deserve more than a ‘crime reference number’ when you report antisocial behaviour, thefts, or burglaries to the police. You deserve justice. 

As Mayor I will get a grip on crime. That means stopping police stations closing, keeping more police on our streets, creating more safe spaces for women, and new funding for scan and search in knife-crime hotspots. 

I will put police officers back in communities, by bringing back borough-based policing.

This will be supported by investing £200 million into the police to get crime down. We will stop at nothing until criminals are locked up and our streets are safer again. 

I will set up specialist units within the police to tackle burglaries, robberies, and thefts, dismantling the criminal gangs that are behind these. These crimes have been ignored too often. 

There will be zero tolerance for toxic or corrupt officers and those who protect them. I will make sure they are removed from the force. 

I will recruit a women's commissioner and improve women's safety, including better support for those escaping abusive situations and deploying more CCTV cameras on the London Underground.

I will set up a 24 Hour London Strategy and meet regularly with industry leaders to provide better support for London's nightlife and ensure we are all doing what we can to keep people safe.  

I have been a victim of crime myself. Getting crime down will be my top priority as Mayor. London will be 'safer with Susan.' 

2. Scrap the ULEZ expansion.

Sadiq Khan’s new £12.50 per day ULEZ tax has been absolutely devastating for people who cannot afford to go to work, get to the hospital or visit their family. 

It is those on the lowest incomes who are most likely to own non-compliant cars and be hit by this tax. And despite the Mayor’s rhetoric, his own independent impact assessment found it would do next to nothing to improve air quality. 

I have been campaigning against the ULEZ expansion since the beginning. It is nothing but a tax on hardworking Londoners, in places where public transport alternatives are few and far between. 

As Mayor, I will scrap it on day one. No ifs, no buts. 

In its place, I will set up a £50 million Pollution Hotspots fund to tackle air pollution where it is, instead of taxing people everywhere. We all want cleaner air, but it should not come at the expense of the poorest. 

3. End Sadiq Khan’s war on London’s motorists. 

A successful, vibrant city is a moving city. We need our public transport system working in the best interests of Londoners, and motorists need to be able to go about their lives without being punished by Sadiq Khan. I will conduct a full review of Transport for London to ensure it is spending money responsibly and delivering the best quality service. 

Sadiq Khan has blocked councils from removing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) by threatening to withdraw TfL funding. Most LTNs just create congestion and worsen air quality. As Mayor, I will remove any restrictions or threats imposed by City Hall and encourage councils to remove them. 

There will be no more blanket 20mph zones under my Mayoralty. I will remove 20mph limits on red routes like Finchley Road, while keeping them in residential areas, to reduce congestion while maintaining road safety. 

I have always supported black cabs and will do everything I can to support them, including by allowing them to go where buses go. 

His secret plans to impose new charges for every single mile you drive are completely unacceptable. There will be no London pay-per-mile under my Mayoralty. Families and businesses need more money in their pockets, not less. 

4. Stop Sadiq Khan’s inappropriate tower blocks. Build family homes.

It is far too difficult for younger people to lay down roots in London. Rents are spiralling because Sadiq Khan is not building enough homes to meet demand. He has built far fewer affordable homes per year than his predecessor. 

We need to change the London Plan, to make it easier to build the family homes that Londoners want. They will be homes that people want to live in, which do not disrupt existing communities or the Green Belt. 

We need to unblock the barriers that stop the development of family homes on public brown field sites, so families can afford to stay in London. 

My plan will focus on beautiful, green, community-oriented places that are high density but not high rise, inspired by the Create Streets model. 

As Mayor, I would roll this out at scale across London, working with local boroughs and developers as part of an ambitious, common sense London Plan. I will also relaunch the London Land Commission, to identify brownfield sites where more homes can be built. 

We owe it to young people to get this right. And I am determined that we will. 

5. Make London a cleaner and greener city.

London deserves to breathe clean air and enjoy green spaces, and I'm committed to making that happen.  

I'll fiercely protect our green belt from overdevelopment, ensuring these vital green lungs stay untouched while accelerating housebuilding on brownfield sites. 

We need switch more bus routes to electric buses, so we can reduce air pollution around schools and hospitals. I will ensure TfL prioritises this and accelerate the switchover to electric buses. 

To help people switch to electric vehicles, I will expand car charging points across the city. The current infrastructure simply isn’t good enough and must be expanded. 

I am very concerned about the poor air quality on the London Underground, and so I will instruct TfL to conduct a thorough review into the problem and find effective ways of cleaning it up. 

We also need to make TfL carbon neutral and I will work hard to make that happen. Renewable energy is the future, so that we can become a zero-carbon city. Under my Mayoralty, I will ensure TfL leads the way. 

A cleaner, greener London isn't just a promise, it's a necessity. As Mayor, I will make it happen.

My Manifesto

My full manifesto will launch in early 2024, after Sadiq Khan's final budget is released. Sign up to be one of the first to see it.