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Susan Hall in central London, standing next to a road with two buses

I have lived in London all my life, through the good times and the bad. Life is not as easy as it used to be for families in our city. That is why I want to put things right.

We need a Mayor who works hard. Someone who will spend every day fixing the bread-and-butter issues that matter – making our streets safer and putting money back in people’s pockets.

That is how I have lived my life. Working hard to fix things and provide for my family.

I left school aged eighteen and started working in my father’s garage, diagnosing faults on cars and helping fix them. Women rarely worked in garages then, but I loved it. I could often tell what the problem was just by the sound of the engine.

Then I started a hairdressing and beauty salon business in Harrow, employing up to twenty people at one point. I spent decades working hard to grow the business, especially when times were tough, so I could support my employees and my family.

As a councillor, I have worked tirelessly for my local community. As the leader of Harrow Council, I froze Council Tax, exposed “beds in sheds” landlords, designed a Neighbourhood Champions scheme, raised recycling rates and cleared rubbish from problem areas.

Now I am running to be Mayor, so that I can work hard to serve all Londoners.

Sadly, Sadiq Khan hasn’t been working as hard as he said he would. He has spent his time schmoozing with celebrities, getting free tickets to football matches, and selling his book. He has taken his eye off the ball and Londoners have suffered the consequences.

Our police force is in special measures, for the first time in its history, and violent crime is up over 30%. Families struggling with the cost of living are being punished by his ULEZ expansion tax. His housebuilding programme has stalled, leaving too many young people with little hope of buying their own home.

We need change. And with your support on May 2, we can make it happen.

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Susan Hall, Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.