What has Sadiq Khan done for London?

He has let you down.

As Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan is responsible for London's police force, transport network, housebuilding and many other frontline services.

He has a record £21 billion annual budget and has been in office for nearly eight years.

Unfortunately, he has been nothing short of a disappointment.

He has failed on crime.

The Met Police is in a mess, being placed into special measures for the first time in its history. We have seen toxic and corrupt officers stay in post for far too long, and crimes like burglaries, robberies and thefts are not being investigated properly.

As a consequence, crime has spiralled. London has become over 30% more violent under Sadiq Khan than it was before he was elected. Robberies are up 58%. Thefts are up 31%.

Sadiq Khan is London's police and crime commissioner. It is his responsibility to keep Londoners safe. Sadly, he isn't interested.

We desperately need to reform the Met Police and get them back on the beat solving crimes again.

He is punishing the poorest with his ULEZ expansion

Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion is nothing but a tax on hardworking Londoners. People are having to pay Sadiq Khan £12.50 per day to drive, which has forced families into debt and caused small businesses to shut down altogether.

His own impact assessment shows it would make next to no difference to air quality, yet would disproportionately affect families on lower incomes who are more likely to have older, non-compliant cars.

An overwhelming majority voted against it in the official consultation, and yet he ignored the wishes of Londoners and pushed it through.

Even his own leader, Sir Keir Starmer, told him it would hurt the poorest. Sadiq Khan ignored him too.

We have to reverse this tax, so we can put money back in Londoners' pockets.

He is not building enough affordable homes.

The housing crisis is one of the biggest issues affecting young Londoners. And yet Sadiq Khan is doing little to help.

He has built fewer homes per year than his predecessor, despite receiving billions from the government to help him.

Since 2016, he has completed 58,986 affordable homes - an average of 8,427 per year. By contrast, Boris Johnson completed 94,001 - an average of 11,750 per year.

And he is getting worse. In April to June 2023, he only built three affordable homes.

Most of the homes he is building are high rise flats, when we need a diverse range of family homes if we want to get rents down and end the housing crisis.

Once again, he has taken his eye off the ball and Londoners are paying the price. We need change.

He is under investigation for dishonesty.

Sadiq Khan is currently under investigation, called by the Greater London Authority's Monitoring Officer, for making false and dishonest statements to the London Assembly.

Documents revealed that he had been secretly briefed on the ULEZ expansion consultation results before the process was completed and then falsely told the London Assembly that he had not seen the results.

If found guilty, he will have committed a serious breach of the Code of Conduct and violated the Seven Principles of Public Life.

We need a Mayor who is honest. Not someone who covers up his wrongdoing.

He is enjoying the perks, when he should be doing the job.

Being Mayor of London is an enormous privilege, but it comes with responsibilities. It is disappointing that Sadiq Khan has been too busy enjoying himself to do his job.

While Londoners have been struggling with crime, rents and the ULEZ expansion, Sadiq Khan has been scoring free tickets to football matches and concerts, schmoozing with celebrities, going on holidays, and selling his book.

We need a serious Mayor who will work hard for Londoners.

Susan represents real change.

With Susan Hall, we can put things right. She will get crime down, build more homes and reverse the ULEZ expansion.

Find out more about Susan's plan for London.