Susan has fought ULEZ expansion since the beginning - and will scrap it day one

Next May, with your support, she will scrap the ULEZ expansion on day one.

It is nothing but a tax on hardworking Londoners that hits the poorest hardest.

Sadiq Khan expanded the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) to the whole of Greater London in August 2023.

Any person who drives into London with a non-compliant car is now forced to pay Sadiq Khan £12.50 per day.

It has been an unmitigated disaster.

Those on the lowest incomes are being hit hardest, as they are the mostly likely to own older, non-compliant cars. Families are being forced into debt, small businesses have had to shut down, and charities have been telling us they have had to reduce their operations.

Sadiq Khan is making millions from it, while it does next to nothing to improve air quality.

Susan has been making the argument from the beginning – back when Sadiq Khan was pretending he had no plans to expand ULEZ.

She is the only candidate who can defeat Sadiq Khan and put a stop to it.

Click below to find out more about her journey fighting the ULEZ expansion, and what she will do to stop it.

Susan on ULEZ